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Properly, this already has been expected, but I want something a bit unique. What I would like is actually a way to guard a folder or even a file using a password, but I really don’t desire to hide it, simply protect it, therefore, once I try and start the folder/file it ask-me for the password, and when I present the password it give me use of that folder/document. Plenty of plans attempted but I cannot locate what I truly need. Can somebody assist me? I’m using Windows 7 88962/ Supreme x64. Expected Sep 9’12 at 5:20 Called Guarded Directory is made to code-safeguard, guard and secure your versions & files from being witnessed or altered in Server 2008, 2003, Vista, XP and Windows-7. It works like a security box, drop and just drag the versions or files you want to secure or safeguard into Protected Folder, subsequently they can not be seen, study or transform by any one. Whether you’re worried about data-loss, data theft, solitude, or data leaks, Protected File is definitely a perfect resource for you.

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And the bit which should interest you is block access to files, folders, and programs you decide on. You secure or can password-protect its files and folder then others can see it but cannot accessibility, see or examine its informationswered Sep 10’12 at 13:15 I don eh? Did you see my answer’s last sentence? Others can see it but cannot accessibility &ndash ; Dave Sep 12’12 at 14:19 Oh, I Inc, 2016 Collection Trade